The Word of God in Romania 2010.12.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Nicholas

2010.12.19 The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint hierarch Nicholas 2 I am the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father Sabaoth, and I am coming down into the book as word within a feast of saints and with the fatherly word of instruction for My today’s people of the Romanians, for I am their Teacher, the Teacher of those who listen to the word from heaven upon them, so that they may not do their will but My will in them instead, if they choose to be My will on earth with them. Oh, I am embracing you with the word of instruction, My people. You need to know that My people is that which chooses to do My will, and My word is with you to listen to it, if you choose to be a son of obedience and not to do your will but My will, and furthermore, you should do it as in heaven, not as on earth, for it is in vain that the man on earth says that the Lord’s will may be done and may the Lord’s kingdom come on earth as in heaven, for man keeps doing his will because he does not love God, but he loves himself instead. I set the table of word and much instruction of growth for a spirit of obedience; this is what I put on your table on this day, My people. The hierarch Nicholas is coming with his fatherly teaching as suitable as a glove now for the troubles that come upon My Spirit into your midst, over a time of trial, coming out from the free will that they choose; those who do not listen to My word of more than fifty years, by which I want to come out to a holy end with a people, which is sound in its mind and obedience, with a bunch of children taught by God for the time that is coming, for the time is coming with falling or raising, as I am to the falling and raising of many, but blessed will be those who, by their rising to be My sons through My word making of sons, will remain to the end as My will and My saving work on earth for many people. Oh, it is no wonder that someone falls out of My little boat with sons, for the time is either with raising or with falling, and blessed are those who do not find any stumbling blocks against Me and against My word of today on the earth, and against those who are bearing My coming now that I may build with them an obedient people before Me for the time that is coming with Me and which will be established on earth, as also the time that the devils is going to bring is going to be set on earth from the devil among the people and which is going to entice them towards the devil’s will with them, as God, even starting with the man’s creation has got ene- mies who have been fighting to tear down His building, to put obstacles between man and God in such a way that the devil may have the man, and that God may not have him for His will in man. Oh, with all the crushing from the hard test upon My work with you and with My people watched by Me and you, let us strengthen our soul, let us catch power, sons from the gates, and then let us set great teaching from heaven in the mind and heart of the sons and the daughters of My people, for the time of trial is asking for this, it is asking for watching, and I, the Lord, am making My spirit come down now and I am asking everyone to take Him into their little hearts and mind, for the man’s spirit and mind slides and it takes the man down to the valley, but My Spirit gives the man the heaven and the bond with the heaven on earth, so that the man may be able to work over those on him with those in heaven, not with those in him, which 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1