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8 ASCENH/February, 2016

Egineers Without Borders NH Professionals Chapter meeting!

If you live in NH & have ever wanted to volunteer with EWB-USA, join us!

EWB USA New Hampshire Professional Chapter (EWB-NH) is pleased to announce that EWB-NH has been chosen to work on the 5+ year water supply program for Gwase, Uganda! Please join EWB-NH in their upcoming meeting to discuss preparation for the first assessment trip and pre-assessment trip report.

Members (and prospective members) are not required to be an engineer or to have previous experience to join!

If you're interested in attending this meeting, or if you have questions, please contact Chapter President, Heidi Lemieux

Date:February 2, 2016

Time:6:00-7:00 pm


Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.

20 Foundry Street, Concord, NH


Heidi Lemieux,

EWB-NH Chapter President

Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc.

(603) 415-6149 office

Engineers Without Borders USA is a non-profit humanitarian organization that partners with local communities to design and build sustainable engineering projects (water supply, water treatment, construction, sanitation, energy, agriculture, etc.). For more information about the local EWB-NH Chapter, go to