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February Cranium Challenge

January 2016 winner and answer,

Congratulations to Darren Benoit, P.E. from

McFarland Johnson

The correct answer was:

"The hat I was wearing was Black."

One evening there was a murder in the home of a married couple, their son and daughter. One of these four people murdered one of the others. One of the members of the family witnessed the crime. The other one helped the murderer.

These are the things we know for sure:

1.The witness and the one who helped the murdered were not of the same sex.

2.The oldest person and the witness were not of the same sex.

3.The youngest person and the victim were not of the same sex.

4.The one whole helped the murderer was older than the victim.

5.The father was the oldest member of the family.

6.The murdered was not the youngest member of the family.

Who was the murderer?

Please send you answers to Thomas Selling via e-mail:

Correct responses received by February 29th will be recognied in the future issues of the New Hampshire Civil Engineer.

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