The Word of God in Romania 2009.07.07 - The Word of God on the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer

2009.07.07. The Word of God 1 on the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer 2 I, the Lord, am sitting down as word into My book of today with a day of feast and I am coming in this day with a synod of saints into your midst, My people of today. The pain in Me is with Me into your midst, and I feel comfort over it when I have someone to bear it with, and I bear it with those who have mercy on My on the earth and who forget about themselves in order to have Me in them with My wounds and with My long waiting after man, for the man has always put Me down, and where I am not, there man is not there either, even if he knows to count otherwise and to believe like a man. I, the Lord, strengthen My entrance into the book and My work on this day. I make all My works with the man on the earth by the word, and everything I do, I do for man, just as God has been working from eternity. All the visible things I build for man to be and to serve Me together with the man, and those that are not seen are My mysteries for man, and in which he must believe in order to be Mine on the earth, for if he does not believe in those that are not seen and by which I work for him up to those that are seen, then the man does not stand firm in God and then he only thinks that he is, and he tears Me down so that he may be, only him, but where I am not, the man is not either, even if he gets used to keep account otherwise, to count and to believe like a man. I am coming in this day into the book with you, My people, to work with My mysteries into your midst and to set them to work for My glory with you and for your life, son. On the earth there are only separations among people and separations make them suffer deeply inside even when they try to replace them with something else, with other conditions and works, but I, the Lord, always remain the friend of the one who knows Me as eternal and steadfast; I remain in him with all his pains and I do not leave the one who remains with Me when he loses those who are dear to him, when separations furrow his life, tasting his love, faith and humility, for if there is humility in him, the man can go on and can do the work beautifully and the humble one can work with Me, he can work with the Lord and he cannot remain on the earth otherwise then when he can. This is how I teach you to be able to do when you are aggrieved, sons of My people, for I, the Lord, remain complete for you in all that you lose, and I am eternal and stead- fast for those who believe in My godly being by which all things are done and are. I am the One Who does not forsake the one who is abandoned and I stay near him and comfort him in his sufferings of soul and body and I make him able to do and I keep him within My comforting Spirit, through Whom the man gets comforted, even if he does not know sufficiently the mys- tery of the comforting spring, from where it and its spring come, for I am the mysterious One to be able to help the man in his entire sighing known and unknown to him among those around him. There are and were on the earth people who cannot get comforted with anything but with God and they live like that either, with God and with His mysteries. So it was with John, My relative after the flesh, who was born before Me, and so he worked, making straight My way to the people before Me, when I had to appear before the people after that, being first confessed by John, as the Scriptures were testifying that I would come, announcing the coming of the righteous One. John spoke big words to those who were great at that time and these words 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1