The Word of God in Romania 2009.08.09 - The Word of God at the feast of the g

2009.08.09. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the great saint, martyr and healer, Panteleimon 2 With a healing spirit and a sweet word of longing I am coming down to you, My people, faithful to My coming of today, for without your faith in My coming of word during these days, you would not be My people of today. I am strengthening Myself in the gates and I am coming to you with much healing, for My pain is also yours, and we have to heal each other and we have to learn this from the Father, as the Father has sent Me to you to do you good, and I am sending you on the earth with My entire word to give to the healing of many, son, and I have obedient sons in you, who take Me from heaven and put Me down on the earth as word when I come to exhort the man to the Father, for after My resurrection from the dead, I ascended again to the Father to draw all the faithful ones to Him by everything I fulfilled and will still fulfill over the earth, to the healing of the nations. Amen. I am coming down with the saints to you, My people. I have the healer Panteleimon within My descending and I want you as I want My saints, son. Oh, what a healer this disciple of Mine was, for he was healing the man from the death of his unbelief and by everything he fulfilled by his faith and prayer to Me for man. Take care, My people, take care to love the healing from heaven for you, for the healing of sicknesses on the earth is temporal and it does not make the man better for Me, but on the contrary, it urges the man to greater pleasures on earth, as man buys for himself days to live on the earth on money, (Reference to the health and pension assurance, r.n.), and he who does this does not get better for Me, but he only boasts about his healing and with the joy that comes from it, but very, very little the man rejoices over Me, for in order to rejoice over Me, he has to spend very much time with Me and for Me, for otherwise the man dies with respect to Me, and he gets used without Me on the earth with his life. Man spends with man on the earth, for this is how he has been taught to do, as man is sad otherwise. Oh, there are no longer happy people on earth, there are no longer any! The happiest among people are those for whom I am sufficient. Those for whom Christ is not enough, then nothing is good enough for them, and that is why man seeks and seeks with the earth and after everything that is on it, and that is why man is dust and only dust, poor of him, and man has forgotten his origin. I want to cry out from heaven to man and I want the man to hear Me, and I am coming down as word on earth and I am coming with My saints, with those to whom the people pray for help and for the healing from their bodily and spiritual on earth. Oh, My disciple Panteleimon, it is your feast in heaven and on earth among those who are heavenly and among My faithful ones on earth. Therefore, share freely the healings over people in your day of feast, so that they may be heavenly on the earth, as you were when I touched you with the gift of the holy faith and became My confessor over the unfaithful ones! May your work of today be blessed upon people and upon My people of today. Amen. – Oh, Lord of Your saints full of You and of Your healing from You over those with whom You are well pleased among people! Oh, the people wonder, many of those who see Your word and many of Your saints wonder why this word is on the earth and where it is from. It is 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1