The Word of God in Romania 2008.08.28 - The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption

2008.08.28. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Assumption 2 I become word over the earth and I give Myself to those who seek Me with the longing of their hearts, for those who believe in Me are full of love, are full of longing, and those who do not believe in Me are those who persecute Me, are those who deny Me. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and I am the Son of the Virgin Mother, after the Father sent Me on the earth by My birth from a virgin body two thousand years ago, for her longing after God was a stairway for Me to come down on earth, to come after man. And why to come after man? Oh, I have come on the earth after man because the man’s longing calls Me to come and his sighing calls Me, because the man’s spirit spends only in sighing, but the man does not know how to perceive this sighing of his spirit. He seeks, poor of him, and he has always sought after his happiness and life and he has worked hard within his search, but the Spirit from above is far from his understanding, for he does not find what he looks for, and I come into his way and give him of My spirit, for the man has missed it and he does not know where it comes in him the longing and the sigh from his longing and his labor for life. Woe to the man who does not read in the Scriptures to see God’s works on the earth and to believe in Him, and then long for Him as his companion and then to become himself God’s companion on the earth! Oh, My sweet mother! Oh, the reading of the Scriptures about Messiah’s coming, the man’s Savior, was sweet for you, mother! Oh, how much you had waited for Me to come on the earth and to serve Me with longing! Your love for God wanted Me and made you into a praised stairway for the coming of My angel to you with the news of My coming by My birth from your virginal body, and then you received Me and set Me then before the people either to their faith or to their denial, mother. Then I lived on earth and fulfilled all that were written to be fulfilled, and then I went to be again with the Father, that is in the glory which I had from Him before the foundation of the world and by which My Father has glorified Me on earth, for I am the Word of the Father and I am his power in the heaven above and on earth below, as it is written. On earth, in this day, it is the feast of your coming to Me and to the Father, mother, for if I went to be again with the Father, you remained on the earth and you remained with My disciple. I was on the cross and I spoke to you about him: «Behold your son», and to him I said: «Behold your mother», and you submitted and fulfilled in that way and remained with him, and he loved you with My love in him, for his love knew Me and then served Me with great love, and behold, love serves love, and there is no other kind of service for love, because My love in man has its own companions. Oh, My dear mother, I have set on the hearth of the Romanian people the place of My coming of word on earth, for the Father has sent Me again on earth, mother. The Father has sent Me as word on earth, (Apoc. 19:13) and He has sent Me again after man, mother. From the beginning I am the Word of the Father, and when Father wanted to lift up for salvation the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a people which was in bondage in Egypt, Father made Me word upon Moses and I had spoken with the people of Israel for forty years, mother, and I had led it to the country of promise, for its sigh had reached to God and then Father sent Me to save it from under its sigh and to teach it the longing for God, the faith in God and its works, 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1