The Word of God in Romania 2010.05.02 - The Word of God on the fifth Sunday after Passover, of the Samaritan woman

2010.05.02. The Word of God 1 on the fifth Sunday after Passover, of the Samaritan woman 2 I am descending from the Father; I am descending to the people of My word to give it power and I have always given him, for I do not have greater care in heaven and on earth than the care for it, because I need a faithful people now, in the end of the time, to fulfill by its faith My coming of today, My descent from the Father as word on earth to make the new heaven and the new earth, and for this fulfillment I have to speak and to work by the word, as I also worked in the beginning. Amen. I am the Son of the Father Sabaoth, I am the Lord Jesus Christ and I am coming down to you as word, My people. I have made into your midst My spring of word and I am sitting in counsel with you as I sat with the Samaritan woman near the Israel’s well, when through her I announced Myself to the Samaritans coming down on earth into the midst of Israel, as the Spirit promised by the prophets about the Son of God that He would come. However, the Is- rael’s unbelief was great, as all those proud in their spirit took part of this sin as the reward of their pride, and Israel did not know Me when I came to them from the Father two thousand years ago, and even if they knew Me because of My greatness with which I revealed Myself to them, they still fought against Me and punished Me to crucifixion, for their pride was beyond measure and they also did not receive those that My Father had sent them for their illumination from above. Oh, I could not fulfill with them My Scriptures, for they believed that they were righteous, that they were good; however, I was able to do great work through those who were crushed by the devil, through those who were sick in their body and soul, whom I was cleansing, healing and giving them of My life, and they were standing up and confessing Me as the Christ of the Father, the Messiah prophesied by the prophets. Oh, I did not tell in vain to My disciple to go and preach Me to the sheep lost from the faith of the house of Israel, and not to preach Me to the pagans or to the Samaritans. The pagans and the Samaritans were not as unbelieving as Israel was, and when I spoke to the Samaritan woman about Me at the well in Sychar, her good spirit knew Me, believed Me and confessed Me as the Christ coming from the Father on earth, and behold, those crushed by sin and by the devil of weakness over people, with those I opened the spring of grace and I was able to work with them and for them on earth. Oh, the same is today. I cannot come near with My coming of today to those who have taken the first seats over the people, as their glory from the people is of greater value than My glory from the Father, that from heaven and not from the earth. Oh, I cannot perfect Myself with My graces upon those who are proud in their spirit! If into your midst, people of My word, I have not been able to appear as true in those who are proud, those who have stayed like that near My cross, oh, then why should we wonder any more at the unbelief of those who sit on high chairs over people? I am coming to strengthen you in My Spirit, as I have always spoken into your midst that it is the time of the faith denial, because I saw and I keep seeing how they have been getting up for the spirit of unbelief, those who have put My walking with you to their back and have gone back where they came from, and the unbelief has caught them within it, for they did not work like Me and worked like them instead and made themselves judges and thus they have treated Me and you harshly and then they have 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1