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Fall 2014 Ayesha Samdani was selected by her professors for the 19th Annual Faculty + Alumni Fine Art Auction at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. What does this have to do with UGRW, one might wonder? Ayesha Samdani was born and grew up in Pakistan; she has an M.A. degree in Fine Arts from Pakistan. She moved to the U.S. 10 years ago and with a passion for art has made a place for herself in the art scene of the Bay Area. Selected by Creative Director Tiffany Stewart, Ayesha was a part Underground Runway’s 2013 spring show and art exhibit, “Spring Shade”.

Underground Runway presents "Spring Shade"

Creative Director & Fashion Stylist: T. Stewart of UGRW

Gallery of Artists: Ayesha Samdani, Sam Huynh, Olga Singleton, Corinna Nicole, Shawn “The Monster”

Samdani creates abstract paintings inspired by organic shapes found in nature. The limited color palettes and translucent layers in her paintings convey different moods of seasons. At the time, she was a new student at Academy of Art University, and since then has received an M.F.A. in Abstract Painting at the San Francisco based school. Currently she is living and painting as a full-time artist. Samdani has quickly made her mark in the California art scene, being represented by City Art gallery in San Francisco and participating in numerous exhibitions, including the Islamic Art Exhibit at the Sun Gallery in Hayward and Triton Museum in San Jose.