The Word of God in Romania 2008.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the s

2008.12.25. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon 2 Peace to you, My people, in a day of bishop’s feast! Peace to the Romanian people, and let days with confessor saints from heaven come down over its head, the spirit of confession, from where God’s peace comes upon it, if the Lord is well pleased, if this nation has in it sons well pleased by God. Amen. I come into the book as word and I find watch at the gates for My coming. Oh, you should also watch, My people, and be good soil to bring forth fruit, because I am the Sower, Who sows My word upon you, so that you may hear it and listen to it and then bring forth fruit, son. You are given to know the mysteries of God’s kingdom, well sons, but for those out- side everything is done in parables, so that by seeing with their eyes they may not see and hearing with their ears they may not hear, lest they may come back and I heal them, as the prophets wrote. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) And behold, it is the same now the parable of the seed which falls from the mouth of the sowers over those by the roadside, to whom the word is given, but satan comes and takes it away from their heart, or over those who are in a rocky soil, who hear it immediately and rejoice over it, but by not having any root they resist for a while and when the trial comes they fall; or over those on whom it is sown among thorns, who hear the word but the worries make it unfruitful in them. Oh, My people, the Scriptures have always, always been fulfilled for those who are good and for those who are evil, and many from the servants of the church and from other people believe in this word, but the servants of the church do not confess it so that they may not lose their greatness, for it is written: «They loved human praise more than God’s praise, and seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear that they may not come back to forgive their many sins and to heal them because I am good». The man is of clay and the same is his love. Oh, only if he lets himself be made by My hand, only in this way he would have part of holy faith in God’s works, and behold, those who were once enlightened by the gift of faith in God’s works, only those are tested by unbelief; however there is not unbelief but rather something else. When man is inclined to the evil things after he walks with Me, then he tries to cover himself as though God is not on the way with him, and by this he covers his sliding, and besides this there is also the lack of God fear, for I, the Lord, take away My gifts from the one sliding on his way and I leave him with his money. Oh, what great and heavenly signs My testifying and miracle-working saints worked by their faith over the unfaithful and stiff-necked people when it came to have faith! What did they understand; those who saw in the time of confession My bishop Spyridon made for God? If the man does not want to believe, shall I not speak over him as though it is not fulfilled and as he would like to see the fulfillments of My word? However, did I not say that My kingdom is not of this world and that it is in man if it really is? And if you do not have it in you, what do you want to see, unfaithful sons because of your stubbornness when it comes to believe the word sown over you from the mouth of the sower, who always gets out and sows his seed? Satan comes at the mouth of your heart and snatches the word sown by Me in you, and even if you rejoice over it immediately, by having no root and by staying on rocky ground, then 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1