The Word of God in Romania 2008.12.30 - The Word of God at the feast of the s

2008.12.30. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint prophet Daniel 2 Today is a day of feast into the midst of My new Israel, My people of the Romanians that are born of My word upon it, and I give work to be done over it in this day. I give instruction to My people, because I am its Teacher. I, the Lord, within My descent to it on this day, have with Me Daniel, My prophet, a man loved by God, as I called him, and I will work with the saints over the spirit of My people, for I have to strengthen more and more his watch for My coming with the spirit of his growth according to My will before Me, because the darkness is thicker and thicker on earth and the unbelief and contempt against the Holy Spirit is growing higher and higher, because the man took and takes out more and more this kind of life for man on earth, and man delights man, man to man to his departure from God, to the extinguishing of My light over the earth, to the going down of My light on earth and to the going down of the working grace from God upon man. When the spirit of prophecy does not have any room on earth, when man makes out of his mind his guidance and to all those on the earth, then the Spirit of God is kept in prison in such a way that it may not blow upon man and to wake up men to watch, but not matter how much God’s Spirit is put to silence, the man is not able to prevent Him from his breathing over the earth. No matter how hard it is, the Spirit of the Lord makes His room in the prophets and enters and opens the ear of the stiff-necked due to their human haughtiness against godly great- ness, which rules the world, for the making from God has the Lord as its Master and it acknowl- edges his Maser and serves Him. Amen. I am into your midst with the host of the prophets, My people. I have among them the one who is celebrated on this day, the one well pleased with Me for the greatness of My dwell- ing in him by his great faith and love of God, by his great perseverance for the fulfilling on earth of My word written in the Scriptures up to his time, and which he was waiting for them with great longing to come down on earth for the Lord to overcome with His establishment and the man to grow weak with his estrangement from God, for all the time man has been far away from God’s grace, far from His love, and this has happened in this way even since the man, built by My hand, became haughty against Me, and by this tasting of the spirit of death, the spirit without God in man, and for which the man loses his crown prepared by God for him, the work of the holy grace, which is good to the Lord in His work with the man on earth. Oh, well sons, I suffer very much from those who come out from My grace after they taste of it to their enlightenment from Me, to their crowning with the work of My saving graces for man on earth and in heaven! Oh, well sons, who are always taught by God, do you know how is the one who endeavors to the work of My grace in man with a great zeal and with great faith? That one has got great power of love and service with love for God’s work with man, as the prophet Daniel had. Even when he was a subject to the service of man’s kingdom upon man, he worked full of My grace too, and it was seen that he worked that way. However, if one like that, coming to the time of trial before the unbelievers, staggers and doubts of the godly truth of the working grace in man, or if he sticks by his hand to something on the earth, his human glory or his possessions, that one undergoes his falling away from grace, greater than the one from which he woke up to come and be the disciple of the life commandments, which keep Me 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1