The Word of God in Romania 2006.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon

2006.12.25. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon 2 Let there be word! Let there be feast of word, for I, the Lord, the Word of the Father Sabaoth have made everything by the word, starting with the light. Amen. I am at the right side of the Father among those from heaven, and on the earth I am word, for My work is to become word on the earth and upon the man. Oh, but what is the man’s work? The man has to become work of My word, and that one is the one who believes in Me, and the one who does not work that way, that one is written with the unbelievers, with those who stand against God. I become word into the midst of My faithful people, for the faithful one becomes My fulfilled word, and then it becomes My help on the earth for My coming after the man. Amen. I sit down with word on your table and I come with all the saints to you, My people, and you have to fulfill My word upon you, as I, the Lord, fulfill yours when you speak it before Me for its fulfillment. The whole fulfillment of My word depends on your love by which you fulfill all My word upon you, My people, for I have needed all the time a people on the earth by which to fulfill the works of My word as they are preached by the Scriptures, My people. Oh, if I did not know that the man is able to fulfill My word upon him, then I would speak to him a word that he has to fulfill, but the man needs faith and then he needs love by which he has to fulfill My word, and he needs My wisdom, not his wisdom, and he needs submission with love. Two thousand years ago, I told those who came to teaching: «Learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in My heart». This is what I told them, and they were able to understand the good sense of My word upon them only by My wisdom. The gentle and humble in his heart has got clean and healthy teaching in him, since he is healthy in this way, and those who receive teaching from him, they take first this health in them and then become gentle and humble in their hearts, and only after that they receive the teaching and fulfill it and then they become My help on the earth for My works, for the fulfillment of everything I spoke to be worked and to be, for My work is to turn the man back to the wisdom of the righteous people and with it to fulfill My building in him, and his in Mine, My eternal life in him. Amen. Oh, My people, when the world which has wandered away from My truth celebrates its feasts, as it says that it celebrates the feast of My birth today, then I spend within you the feast of today, not moved from its place, the feast of My bishop Spyridon 3 , the one gentle and spirit in his heart, the one submitted to My works through him before the people. This bishop fulfilled Me in him, and I worked wonderfully from his tent and I seated My work God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 3 The Church Calendar (in Romania) up to 1924 was the same as that of Nicaea, based on severe apostolic canons, but in 1924, the Scripture of the prophet Daniel was fulfilled: «the people made bold to even change the times», when the primate metropolitan - of that time, Miron Cristea, (Primate metropolitan = (in the past) a title given to the first metropolitan of a country; today it would be equal to that of a patriarch) introduced the Gregorian Calendar (Catholic) as result of a „pan-Orthodox” congress that took place in 1923, in Constantinople. At that congress, the patriarch of that time, Meletie, proposed the acceptance of the „revised” Julian Calendar, ( which was in accord with the Catholic one for a period up to the year 2800 and „it was allowing that all the feasts to be celebrated at the same time with those of other confessions”. «… and he shall wear out the saints of the Most High and he shall think to change the times and the law…» (Daniel 7/25), r.n. 1 2 1