The Word of God in Romania 2009.01.19 - The Word of God at the feast of the L

2009.01.19. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism 2 The voice of the Lord is that which speaks and becomes a river of word over the earth. The river of life is called My word, which has been flowing from My mouth during these days, and he who drinks of if never thirsts after anything but only after God. Amen. I come down on earth with a feast of Epiphany. I come into the book as word, and through it I sit on the throne and reign, for the throne which I sit on as king with a king- dom that does not fall is the heart of the faithful man, who fulfills the commandment of God’s love. This is how I was King, and this is how I am King today, for My kingdom with man is not as on earth, and it is on earth as in heaven. Amen. Peace to you, those who set for Me the word spoken by My mouth! When My mouth speaks, your ears open and this is how I come into the book, and like a good Shepherd I pasture the nations with this rod, and I touch with it the waters in a day of Epiphany and I put in them the Holy Spirit to the cleansing of the faithful man, for My word is the shepherding iron, and I clean with it the man’s heart and I give Myself to him and sit on the throne and reign, and this is how I have a kingdom on earth, and I am the King of those who love Me and give themselves to Me as My kingdom, and I am the Shepherd King. Peace to you, children from the gates! Set Me into the book to shepherd those who come to the water of Epiphany, to shepherd those that do not come and those who will be hearing My word of Shepherd, through which I baptize the man’s heart with the baptism of the Holy Spirit to give birth to the man, for the man is born from below. And now, behold, I am shepherding. Amen. Oh, take heed, take heed, you those who understand through My gift upon man, and you, those who do not understand God’s dwelling with man, My kingdom with those who know God! Take heed and cry out to God to open up your ears and then your mind to understand God on earth as in heaven with His kingdom and then with His will, for two thousand years ago, I taught My disciples to ask from God that My kingdom and My will to be done on earth as in heaven. Take heed, you, those who are faithful, and you, those who are not faithful to My word of today! Those who take heed at of My word from the beginning, preached by the prophets, and that from two thousand years ago, that one is the who pays attention to My word of today, for he is only for the faithful ones, and let the unfaithful humble themselves and call Me to come towards them and to reveal Myself to them and they to ask Me to go to My Father to intercede for them to send them their salvation from faith, for this sin leads the man to the lack of watchfulness, and it leads him to the darkness. Oh, learn from Me, learn what the word ”church” means. If the teachers who stay upon you do not teach you this, then come near that I may teach you. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Teacher of men! Come and be My church, for man is a church either to God or to satan; he is either in the service of the Lord, or in the service of satan, and soon, soon, satan will no longer be and there will be great sufferance, torment and sigh in those who served him in them. It is written into the Scriptures that I will 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1