Edutimes Newspaper Edutimes Online Newspaper Issue No 1 (revised 6)

Issue No. 001 NEWSPAPER The Cornerstone of Education investigative Journalism HOW TO HANDLE FAILURE - P8 SCIENCE PUZZLES - P12 APRIL 2019 FIGHTING CORRUPTION IN ZAMBIA-P4 ‘I’LL BE THE DIFFERENCE’ My major concern was how I could contribute to saving lives that continued to succumb to cholera outbreaks. I wanted to change the situation. I dedicated every effort to make the best of my idea, while appreciating that there are many African girls with good ideas. The only challenge is that they are not given the platform they need. By VIOLET NAKAMBA She is a focused young girl who is determined to attain the highest level of education, no matter the cost. At 13, she has already started collecting accolades which are slowly but surely transforming her into a star in science and technology, fields that many young females are not keen to venture into. An interaction with Mwangala Mwanga, at her residence in Chalala recently, made it abundantly clear that she is a ge- nius every parent would want to have as a daughter. (Continue to -P3) WHAT IS IN THE SYLLABUS Mwangala promo video -P3 HOW ‘BBC’ TEACHERS CAN USE EDTECH-P5 NOT - P7