a seniours Week

padlet.com/meryemtanriover/ai8qihblqui6 SENIORS WEEK Our seniors are our most valuable assets that bridge the gap between yesterday and today, enabling us to carry our culture and values to the future. MERYEM TANRIÖVER 1 MAY 2018, 00:22 Seda Aksu SEDA 17 HAZ 2019, 22:13 My students made etamins with their parents in our classroom. His name is ZİYA SELÇUK ― MERYEM TANRIÖVER Minister of education in TURKEY ― MERYEM TANRIÖVER SEDA 17 HAZ 2019, 22:23 SEDA 17 HAZ 2019, 22:15 We gave one of the voltron etamins to The Minister of Education Ziya SELÇUK as a gift. my students gifted the ethamins to the elderly around them. they told them about the project and they listened to their memories about cultural heritage and science