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Live Positive Today/July, 2015 7

It is not that these obstacles were not present before. We were simply not paying attention to them, despite the fact that they have been with us our whole life. The obstacles are called klesha and they are ignorance (avidya), the story of “me” (asmita), being attached (raga), aversion (dvesa), and fear of dying (abhinivesha).

As we undertake this journey on the Yoga path we start to look at these five hindrances and the symptoms they produce more honestly and hopefully with a heart more inquisitive and open to change. We may begin to recognize the role that our own ego has played in our own suffering. Not an easy revelation for sure, but once we break through the chains that bind us to our outdated beliefs then we begin to experience more of the inherent freedom we carry. We begin to recognize our own ability to live this life fully no matter what is happening around us. We begin to understand that “living fully" has more to do with compassion, grace and service than it ever had to do with satisfaction. We even begin to prefer the peace and joy of balance over the tumultuous waves that bring us down into the sea of drama and suffering. It is a full path for sure and this Yoga path ain’t easy… but its healing capacity is more than well worth the work. OM Namo Narayanaya. Hari OM.

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Your Yoga Journey:

A Mindfulness Based Practice & Life.

Many people believe they can not practice Yoga because they are not flexible enough or strong enough. During this practice students will learn that yoga can offer the deepest healing through a variety of techniques and approaches included gentle lengthening of the body, deep breathing and thoughtful awareness. Join us for this exquisite experience in Svadyaya (self study), Sadhana (practice) and Shanti (peace)