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Barring true tragedies, no matter how "bad" I think something is, there is always an awesome lesson in there somewhere. Ironically, the case is usually that the worse the thing is, the more valuable the lesson.

So how do you apply gratitude to life when you really, really don't want to give thanks? When it would be so much easier just to get mad, curse, and blame someone else?

First, you shift your perspective. The only way we really know how strong we are, how resourceful we are, or how patient we are, is by facing things that challenge what we think we know about ourselves. I would say pretty confidently that getting to know myself better has never turned out badly for me.

Then, you find the gift. You look for the lesson. It's in there somewhere, I promise. Sometimes it's in the form of learning a new tool, and sometimes it shows up as a learning of what not to do so that [x] doesn't ever happen again. And that's a good thing, because repeatedly doing what doesn't work...well, that's a whole different article.

They say "Live and learn"; I say: "Live and learn, then apply what you've learned, and, if you're really ambitious, share it with someone else."

You got this.

With love,


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