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Family Time:

Flower Pot Fairy Garden

by Megan Belegu of Toms River Macaroni Kid

Summer days bring the potential for amazing memories made with our children. Don’t feel like you have to break the bank to create an activity or experience for your children. A Flower Pot Fairy Garden is the perfect project for your whole family to get involved with that will keep their imagination going until the end of summer and beyond.

Supplies Needed:

Multiple Flower Pots Grass

Rocks Twigs and Sticks

Moss Flowers (plastic or real)

How To:

Fill pots with dry dirt and decorate any way you’d like your Fairy Garden to look. Paint rocks to look like mushrooms or animals. Arrange twigs to create beds and houses. Use larger sticks to make bridges from one pot to the other. Let your children use their imagination! Most of the items needed can be reused (take a look around the garage and out in nature) or purchased very inexpensively at the Dollar Store.

Imagine a day filled with laughter and creativity living in the minds of your children for days to come!

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