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14 Live Positive Today/July 2015

Positive Purposeful Passionate Possible Passages.....

by Michelle Leonard of Alternative Health Solutions of NJ

What do you want to create in your life? Where does the thoughts of happiness bring you? Inside you is the courage to embark on a life journey, have an experience, to take a path that will bring your visions to reality. Wake up and recognize your potential, your passion and your purpose. Develop your vision. A vision in which you become the best version of you. The happiest version of you. Develop your vision not seeking that which will free you but through understanding who you are and what good you can do. Break away from perceived limitations. Develop your vision further, mediate on it and write down everything. Be as descriptive as possible. Think of all the little details. Envision how you want it to be and how you will feel; as if you are experiencing it right now. Be confident and believe in your ability as a creator. Do not allow your external environment, adversities, rationalizations, or fears take away your power. Be empowered, believe in infinite possibilities and abundant opportunities. Keep your thoughts sincerely positive. You are the creator of your reality. Focus on each step at a time. Stay in the moment. All you have is NOW; stay in the present and find happiness in this experience. Go with the flow. Stay unattached to the outcome. Through decision making and positive mindset, you will be amazed how all your steps will add up and how your life will evolve into magnificence. Believe in yourself, acknowledge the power you have within, and do not be afraid. Trust your inner guidance and lead others through example. Show love to everyone and everything. Be grateful for the power you have, your blessing today, and for your positive believes. Be thankful for everything and everyone that you experience. What will you be creating into reality? Start right now by focusing on your vision through passion, pure intentions, and positive purpose. You can be the creator of your life. Your story. Your legacy. Your Journey, and your next experience! Live PositiveToday! I Believe