Current | LES Customer Newsletter Current - May 2019

CURRENT LES' CUSTOMER NEWSLETTER 1040 O Street, P.O. Box 80869 Lincoln, NE 68501 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday Customer Service: 402.475.4211 Power Outage: 888.365.2412 - Toll Free Nebraska811 (Call before you dig): 811 - Toll Free M AY 2 0 1 9 POWER with a purpose. The 2018 Annual Report is now available The LES Annual Report is an opportunity to look back at the last year to see how Lincoln Electric System works for our community, today and tomorrow. The public in public power means we are the community. Community collaborations are a large part of how we plan for updates. As an example, in 2018 we partnered with 100 people in We’re here to serve you and ensure affordable, reliable power for all of Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Because of you, we’ll continue to help people live their best lives through the electricity we provide today and the energy future we’re building together for tomorrow. Whether it’s in classrooms, giving tours, speaking at events or offering safety demos, we want to keep people informed. That goes beyond staying safe around electricity or living sustainably. We also want you to know what we’ve done to keep the lights on and how we’re focused on the future by building foundations for continued growth in our community. That’s power with a purpose and it’s why we’re so intentional about every project we take on, from community collaborations to infrastructure updates. impact utility operations as they continue to grow in popularity. We were stunned by the community’s response — exceeding our goal of 50 participants by two times! Thank you for being the purpose behind our power. To learn more about how we empowered Lincoln in 2018, review our Annual Report at . the community and began our two-year electric-vehicle study. The study’s goal is to learn how EVs will Summer electric rates will be in effect starting June 1 Electric rates are higher in the summer because keeping homes and businesses cool requires more electricity to be used than during the spring, fall or winter. This year’s residential summer rate is $0.0801 per kilowatt-hour. View commercial summer rates, which vary by customer type, online at