The Word of God in Romania 2010.12.25 - The Word of God at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon

2010.12.25. The Word of God 1 at the feast of the saint hierarch Spyridon 2 The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, is the comfort, the power and the protection from God over those who are faithful to Him and who work for Him between heaven and earth. I let the comfort of the Holy Spirit come over the people of My word of today and I am putting on My table with it the word of feast with saints. Because the Romanian people has been left behind concerning the correction of those shaken from their place by the enemies of the faith of their forefathers and saints, then I, the Lord, wait for it to stand up strongly and to put back at their place the feasts of My saints, and they are not supposed to tell to themselves that it is not a sin to remain so as God’s enemies did upon it, oh, it is not supposed to say so, but they need to bring back those that were shaken, as it is not good to spoil those left by the saints and fathers, and the houses that have not been reinforced by the parents do not help the sons for blessing to long for them on earth, (See the selection topic: „The changing of the hol- idays – renunciation of faith”, r.n.) and behold, when the world celebrates into the name of My birth of the Virgin mother a day of holy feast, I, with My saints and with those who are obedient and faithful on earth, set the feast of saints, and we celebrate at our table the bishop Spyridon, the one full of the spirit of humility and love, a man of forgiveness and of miracle making, and when the day of feast of the celebration of My birth is coming, then We are going to write Ourselves into the book with its memorial in heaven and on earth. Amen. Oh, My people, I bring you comfort, as you need much comfort now. May the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, strengthen you on My way with you, My people! May He always pave My way to you from heaven to earth, and may He strengthen you on the way with Me, for the time is with endurance in it, and it is with faith-denial as well, because for a while I keep telling you, and it is with all kinds of trials, but you should stay in the Holy Spirit, son, so that He may be able to stand into your midst as the word from God and that it may lead you and teach you to speak in His language in all your speaking, for there is no other speaking from God, but from man, My people. Oh, remember My apostles how they spoke before My ascension to the Father and asked Him to send them the Holy Spirit, how they spoke after the One I promised them came upon them, the Holy Spirit the comforter, to teach them from Me, the Spirit Who has spoken through the prophets and showed them and to the seers the things that were, those that were that those that would come and appear on earth. Oh, remember this, My people, and put on your spirit within the word of the Holy Spirit and enrich your speaking with the One Who proceeds from the Father, with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, so that the Father may bless you on earth and that He may strengthen you as His house, for the blessing of the fathers strengthens the house of the sons, as it is written, and you should obey God, and you should not do anything without His blessing, for only His blessing strengthens your life and its work with every passing day. Remember those who were disobedient in time and be obedient every day, for each day has its work, as one day I spoke to Abraham in one way and the next day I spoke with him otherwise, (Promising him a great people as his offspring, and then asking him for the sacrifice of his successor, r.n.), and he passed the test of his faith well because he listened, because he steadfastly believed in God being afraid of his omnipotence, being afraid of the punishment for his disobedience, and behold, he who obeys is praised on earth and in heaven for the work of obedience, son. Oh, you should do nothing without My word, without listening to it, and you should work only according to it and in this way you will always be blessed and you 1 2 God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note. Translated by I.A. 1