Геодезия, Картография, Земеустройство GKZ-1-2-2016 - Page 4

GEODESY, CARTOGRAPHY, LAND MANAGEMENT Geodesya, kartografia, zemeustroystvo ISSU 1-2’2016 YEAR. LVI ISSN 0324-1610 Edited by: Union of Surveyors and Land Managers in Bulgaria – FSEU and Military Geographic Service - BMD CONTENTS GEODESY A Software System for Modelling and Using of Geometrical Model of Geoid for Territory of Bulgaria Marian Nikolov, Ivan Kaltchev, Ivan Yankov 2.. Geodetic Control System for Construction of Cantiilever Bridge Superstructure Todor Kostadinov, Ani Miroslavova 1. PHOTOGRAMMETRY, LASER SCANNING AND REMOTE SENSING 3. Accuracy Assessment of a Thematic Layer Derived from Satellite Images Ventzeslav Dimitrov 4.. Maps in INTERNET space for visualization of actual political events and natural events Veneta Kotseva 21 CADASTRE, LAND MANAGEMENT Analysis and Evaluation of Applicability of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Geodesy and Cadastre Ivan Kaltchev, Ivelina Hristova PROFESSIONAL PROBLEMS AND EDUCATION 6. Computer Based Method for Digital Photogrammetry Education in the Environment of MATLAB Natalia Aleksandrova HISTORY 7. Robert Stilmark, Russian Surveyor, Writer and Teacher of Military Topography to the General Staff Georgi Valev GEODESY IN THE ARTISTIC LITERATURE AND THE ART 8. Stoycho Stoychev – Bulgarian Poet, who Presents Geodesy From its Romantic Aspect Georgi Valev EVENTS 9. 100 Years from the Birth of Prof. Ivan-Assen Petkov – Founder of the Bulgarian Geophysics Gravimetry and Seismology Veneta Kotseva 10. VII Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society Georgi Valev 11. Administrative Council of USLMB Ivanka Koleva 12. First Gathering of Surveyors Kristina Galabova MAKERS IN THE BULGARIAN GEODESY, JUBILEES 13. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Grozyu Dochev - 80 Years 14. Prof. DrSc Eng. Georgi Valev – 75 Years 15. Prof. DrScEc Eng. Andrey Andreev – 60 Years IM MEMORIAM 16. Prof. Dr. Herman Seeger, Germany 2 10 16 MAPPING, GIS 5. 3 26 35 40 42 43 45 49 51 54 56 57 59 ГКЗ 1-2’2016