Мой первый журнал ISRS-Journal-АНГЛ - Page 81

Since 2017 the ISRS has been regularly conducting talks with the heads of foreign diplomatic missions, foreign government delegations, heads and experts of leading research centers from more than 35 countries, including Australia, Afghanistan, great Britain, Hungary, Israel, India, Indonesia, Iran, China, the Republic of Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, the USA, Turkey, Greece, France, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, Central Asian States etc., also it has been organizing a significant number of meetings with representatives of international organizations and associations, such as the OSCE, the UN, the EU, WHO, IMF, WB, the UNESCO, NATO, OIC, etc. In particular, since 2017 the Institute has organized meetings with: L. Bristow the Director of the Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia; the heads of research groups on Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, South and Central Asia, the Foreign Office of the UK; Head of the Department of European policy of the British defense Department S. low; K. Matsumoto the Adviser to the Secretariat for the National Security Council of Japan; R.Pantucci, M. Chalmers experts of the Royal College of Defense Studies; S. Yusuf the Deputy Head of the Department for Turks Abroad and Related Communities under the Government of Turkey; N. Brule the Head of the Swiss Foreign Ministry; a delegation of the U.S. Senate Committee and I.Berman, J.Herbst, B.Todda experts from American “think tanks”; the Heads and experts of “think tanks” of China Yu Xinhua, T. Chan, Xu Jian, Jiang Feng, Wang Lingwen; the heads of “think tanks” of Germany M. Dornfeldt and W. Albacom; the heads of the Foundations Ebert and Adenauer Foundation in Uzbekistan, Kiefer and T. Kunze; representatives of the UN, OSCE, world Bank, EU, THIKA P. Draganov, H. Fraser, L. Zannier, J.McGregor, A. by Aninim, S. Slavova, E.Stiprais, A.I.Caglar; ambassadors of Australia, Britain, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Korea, China, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, USA, Turkey, etc. 83