Мой первый журнал ISRS-Journal-АНГЛ - Page 8

In order to ensure openness and legality of the judicial-investigative activities, as well as to reduce costs and bureaucratic red tape, the systems of “electronic criminal case” and “remote interrogation” are being introduced. The powers of lawyers in ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens have been expanded. All of this is the result of our judicial and legal reforms. At the same time, a truly democratic and transparent system of selection of candidates for the position of judge, studying their personal and professional qualities should be created. In particular, I consider it expedient to legislatively fix such a procedure, when candidates for the position of judge are recommended taking into account public opinion. It is necessary to introduce a system in which applicants who are deemed worthy will undergo training for at least one year and be appointed to the position by trained judges. In this view, I propose to organize the Higher School of Judges under the High Judicial Council. Unfortunately, some judges still make decisions that do not meet the principles of justice. Naturally, this undermines citizens’ confidence in justice. Therefore, to improve their professional skills and culture, always be guided by the law, the principles of justice and humanism – these are the main tasks of each judge. Every decision made by the courts should be, above all, fair, lawful and justified. Only then will people be firmly convinced that justice will prevail in any situation. This year, the tasks and powers of state security agencies have been completely revised, an objective assessment of the activities of employees at all levels has been given. For the first time, the Law «On the State Security Service» was adopted, according to which the main task of the newly formed special service is to provide reliable protection of the interests of the state from internal and external threats. In the present alarming times, when threats of extremism and terrorism persist, encroachments on the constitutional order and the economic foundations of our country, brave soldiers and officers of the State Security Service must ruthlessly fight against any destructive forces and be a reliable shield in defending our Motherland. As you know, recently in order to check the combat training of the troops of the Ministry of Defense, field exercises were conducted in the city of Chirchik. They clearly showed that in the last two years a great work has been done to strengthen the defense power of our country. We will continue this work on a systematic basis and on an even wider scale. In addition, in order to ensure public order and the security of our citizens, a number of effective measures have been taken to fully support the units of the internal troops and the National Guard. As a result of our efforts to protect public order and early warning of offenses, primarily with the participation of the general public in this process, a 36 percent reduction in crime has been achieved. Not a single crime was committed this year in 3 205 makhallas or in over 35 percent of existing ones. In order to strengthen the achieved results, these issues, including the full implementation of the projects “Safe City”, “Safe Territory”, will continue to be priorities for the internal affairs agencies and the National Guard. To ensure the right of free movement for citizens guaranteed by our Constitution, difficulties in registration and obtaining visas have been eliminated. Thanks to the simplification of the procedure for issuing visas to citizens of 39 countries, and the introduction of the electronic visa system this year almost 4 million foreign tourists visited our country. The citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan was granted to 2,528 persons who have been living in our country for many years, making a worthy contribution to the development of society and dreaming of becoming our compatriots. 10