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technologies; organization of the international Olympiad among young mathematicians of the OIC member States, dedicated to the popularization of the rich heritage of al-Khorezm, of the joint international scientific conference on environmental problems of the Aral sea as well as on the scientific heritage of the Uzbek statesman and outstanding astronomer M.Ulugbek; 3) organizing the 2nd OIC summit on science and technology for 2020 in Uzbekistan and many other. There is no doubt that negotiations will give an additional impetus to strengthen the partnership between Uzbekistan and the OIC participants in the areas of mutual interest. Overall, the initiatives made by the President of Uzbekistan bring new dynamics to OIC activities, increasing the role and authority of the organization in the international arena. Uzbekistan remains as a firm supporter of strengthening interethnic and interreligious peace and harmony, the humanistic ideals, tolerance, and enlightened Islam. These enduring values are crucial in the international cooperation development of Uzbekistan as a country, which historically was at the crossroads of world civilizations and became the Eastern Renaissance cradle. 81