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2017. Following the agreements of the leaders of the two countries, during the visit of the Russian interior Minister V.Kolokoltsev to Uzbekistan, a Protocol on cooperation between Uzbek and Russian Ministries of Internal Affairs was signed for 2017-2018. According to V.Kolokoltsev, this document is characterized as the one that meets the modern realities of the fight against the most dangerous types of international crime and provides further development of Russian-Uzbek contacts through law enforcement agencies, which allows transferring the interaction of the two states in this direction to a new practical level”. 12 Consistent cooperation between Tashkent and Moscow in the field of maintaining peace and stability makes it possible to develop comprehensive preventive measures to address common threats. Thus, in October 2017, twelve years later, in the Russian-Uzbek history, the second special tactical exercises of the defense ministries troops of Uzbekistan and Russia took place at the mining and field training ground “Forish” of the South-Western special military district of Uzbekistan. These anti-terrorist exercises were aimed at developing joint actions to prevent and destroy militant groups in mountainous areas, strengthening practical skills and exchange experience. According to the Russian experts, “due to the fact that the Uzbek and Russian defense ministries have formed a joint cooperation plan, focused at maintaining stability in the Central Asian region, bilateral cooperation between the two states in the security field has been improved” 13 . There is no doubt that at the present time Uzbek-Russian relations go upward, confirming the fact that the characteristics inherent in the relations between the two states – ”Strategic partnership and Alliance” – is an objective and natural reality. On the whole, assessing the importance of Uzbek-Russian cooperation, it is difficult to overestimate its degree of influence on the situation in Central Asian region. From this point of view, it seems that given the combination of many diverse aspects, the trajectory of the further evolution of relations between Uzbekistan and Russia will be a key factor in ensuring regional security and long-term development of the whole region. From the statement of V. Kolokoltsev during the meeting with sh. Mirziyoyev / / 2018. April 23. Tashkent. https://www.uzdaily.uz/articles-id- 32664.htm 13 Materials of the International round table «Foreign Policy and Economy of Uzbekistan in the Framework of the Action Strategy for 2017-2021» / International relations: interdisciplinary scientific and theoretical journal of University of World Economy and Diplomacy. - № 4 (70) of 2017.- p. 30 61 12