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In his speech, Sh.Mirziyoyev expressed hope that “the countries’ mutual desire will fill bilateral partnership with new practical content, objectives, specific programs and projects”. 3 Subsequently, the Russian expert community unanimously evaluated this visit as an important historical event. A Chief of Russian Institute for Strategic Studies M.Fradkov admitted that the meeting of the leaders of the two countries in Moscow in April 2017 demonstrated a turning point in bilateral relations, which set a new tone for a trustful political dialogue between Moscow and Tashkent." 4 At the same time the Head of the Central Asia Department of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO RAS) D.Malysheva considered the meeting to be “unprecedented event”, which gave a powerful impetus to the Uzbek-Russian cooperation at almost all levels and relevant areas” 5 . The agreements reached by the Uzbek and Russian leaders formed the basis for intensive multi-level joint work, which allowed the countries to get practical outcomes in such fields as trade, economy, policy, security, culture and humanity in 2017. In order to implement the specially developed “Road map for enhancing cooperation”, governments, parliaments and business circles of two countries significantly intensified mutual interaction. Bilateral coordination at the interregional level between Uzbekistan and Russia has also been established. The steps taken by Uzbekistan and Russia to deepen cooperation brought new dynamism to their bilateral trade. In particular, nowadays Russian investments in Uzbek economy have already exceeded $8.5 billion. Moreover, in 2018, according to the economists, the trade turnover will go up to $6 billion. This figure exceeds the expectations. Sh.M.Mirziyoyev noted that the priority for the coming years is to reach the level of $10 billion. In this regard, Uzbekistan intends to take steps to increase mutual trade considerably. A solid foundation for achieving this goal was created when Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an impressive number of documents, total number of which was $ 27 billion, in the field of trade, economy and investment during his state visit to Uzbekistan in October 2018. Additionally, cooperation projects for more than $ 2 billion signed during the First interregional forum in Tashkent, are also considered to be a part of that foundation. As an outcome of this important political event, the Uzbek and Russian leaders agreed to open more than 70 joint ventures in Uzbekistan. At the same time, “Rostselmash”, “Kamaz”, “Eurocement” and other Russian companies have been enhancing their cooperation with us. The Russian company “Promtractor” has agreed on tractor and heavy machinery production in our country. The question of building cars of the Ulyanovsk automobile plant in Uzbekistan has also been discussed. All of these achievements were possibly reached by hard work of Uzbek and Russian regions over the past two years. Since 2016 there has been a noticeable expansion of business circles’ activity geography. Uzbekistan has established cooperation with 70 Russian regions: 24 business delegations from 30 regions of the Russian Federation and more than 200 representatives of Russian companies visited our country. In the sectoral context, a successfully functioning “green corridor” for the export of Uzbek fruit and vegetables to Russia has been possibly formed. Besides this, a mechanism for the production of composite materials and metalworking products has been launched, as well as cooperation between enterprises of the automotive industry has been started. Mirziyoyev's statement to the press following the Russian-Uzbek talks// 2017. 5 APR. city of Moscow city, http://kremlin.ru/events/president/news/54223 4 From M.Fradkov's speech at the international conference «Actual security problems of the Central Asian region and the solution strategy – approaches of Russia and Uzbekistan» // April 3 of 2018, Moscow. 5 Materials of the International round table «Foreign Policy and Economy of Uzbekistan in the Framework of the Action Strategy for 2017-2021» / International relations: interdisciplinary scientific and theoretical journal of University of World Economy and Diplomacy. - № 4 (70) of 2017.- p. 29. 58 3