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Editorial Board of the journal: Chief Editor – Vladimir Norov Editors: Rustam Kasimov, Abdujabar Abduvakhitov, Кomiljon Karimov, Abdurakhim Mannanov, Batir Tursunov, Shafoat Nurullaeva, Bakhtiyor Mustafaev, Sanat Kushkumbaev, Khudoberdi Kholiknazar, Frederick Starr, Andrey Kazantsev, Raffaello Pantucci. The Edition is intended for researchers, political scientists, staff of analytical structures, workers of diplomatic services, teachers and students of universities, all who are interested in the problems of international relations, regional cooperation and security in Central Asia. Reprinting of articles is not allowed permission without ISRS’s. In case of use of any materials reference to the journal «Strategic issues Security and Development» is obligatory. Opinions of authors may not coincide with a position of edition. Address: 100163, г. Tashkent, Islam Karimov street, 43; E-mail: gms@uzstrateg.uz; Telephone number: 239-12-15; Fax: 239-46-45. Issue is prepared by: Batir Tursunov, Gulnora Jumaeva, Rustam Khuramov, Еrnazar Saipnazarov Approved for publication on 05.11.2018 Format/Size 60x80 1/16. Typeface «Franklin Gothik Book». 5,5 Circulations is about 300. Price negotiable. Printed by Ltd. «Design Group Colibri» This Edition is registered under the №0995. © Strategic Issues of Security and Development, Winter 2018. 5