Мой первый журнал ISRS-Journal-АНГЛ - Page 29

4 billion 210 million sums were allocated to provide these people with an opportunity to obtain houses (apartments). Due to such assistance, during 2018, 385 disabled citizens will receive modern housing. In addition, by the decision of the President of Uzbekistan the conditions for mortgage to purchase affordable housing were changed on July 18, 2018. Until the 1 January, 2020, the mortgage will be issued for 20 years with a 3-year refinement period and an interest rate of 7% per annum for the first 5 years, and later - at the Central Bank’s rate. Young families, residents of old houses and other categories of citizens who need housing improvement, in order to buy apartments in cities, will be decreed 15 % initial credit by the government. At the expense of the state budget, the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions and the Makhalla Charitable Foundation (in equal shares), gratuitous assistance will be provided to families living in difficult conditions, and for people that are caring for disabled. In 2018, on average 10 - 25 low-income families from each district and city will have an opportunity to repair their houses. On average, up to 70 families from each region of the country will receive household appliances (gas or electric furnaces, refrigerators, sewing machines) or one unit of cattle during 2018-2019. The second is improving the system of providing population with medicines at affordable prices. Solving this issue, it is planned to build and open 2 thousand social pharmacies that will have to provide population with high-quality medicines at a low price. Currently, there is an automated system for registering medicines in public medical institutions and social pharmacies, a special public commission has been formed to monitor problematic issues in providing population with medicines, as well as collecting and analyzing opinions, feedback and recommendations of citizens on this issue. The main task of the commission is to identify the reasons for possible increase in the cost of medicines. According to the National Vaccination Calendar, children receive the prophylactic vaccination against 12 controlled infections at the expense of the state. The cost of vaccines against infectious diseases is fully covered by the state budget. At the same time, vaccination coverage in 2017 reached 99.5%, as a result of which Uzbekistan was recognized by the World Health Organization as a territory free from measles and rubella. It should also be noted that the state pays special attention to preservation and modernization of the system of free medical care. In this regard, the activities of screening centers focusing on maternal and child health care, are radically revised. By the end of 2018, on the basis of 46 district and city medical associations, it is planned to organize inter-district perinatal centers, which will be provided with modern medical equipment and staffed with qualified personnel. In addition, as part of activities to provide targeted assistance to the low-income part of population, an average of 6 families from each district and city will be reimbursed for medical services in case serious diseases and lack of funds for treatment are identified. The third is educational system reform. The result of transformations in this direction was the formation of a system, including the regulation and control of the functioning of preschool, general education, and higher education entities. 31