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“On Measures to Create a Modern Cotton-Textile Cluster in the Syrdarya Region” 6 . As international practice shows, the development of a cluster as a new form of economic management, economic interaction and relations allows achieving a certain socio-economic effect. It contributes to the growth of the level of production, innovation opportunities, economic sustainability, social guarantees for the population and increases the competitiveness of the real sector of the economy to stimulate new organizations and firms. The renewed internal and external progressive policy of Uzbekistan has rallied the state and society to achieve a common goal - to make people's lives better, worthier, to ensure peace and prosperity in the country. The internal transformation, undoubtedly, reflected in the actions of the state in the foreign policy arena, riveting the attention of the wide world community. Assessing the role of the country in the international arena, foreign observers write that Uzbekistan started the policy of open doors and has great potential in this area. Foreign specialists and media are most impressed The influential American analytical with the new economic policy of the Uzbek leadership, magazine The National Interest also published material on reforms in Uzbekistan. It highlights aimed at further strengthening macroeconomic stability the importance of the decisions "to weaken and maintaining high economic growth rates, enhancing currency control and the transformation of the its competitiveness, modernizing and intensively Uzbek sum into a fully convertible currency". In 2017 there was a surge in foreign trade of the developing agriculture, continuing institutional and republic with neighboring countries, numerous structural reforms to reduce the state’s presence in the transactions between Uzbek businessmen and economy, further strengthening the protection of the rights foreign companies worth billions of dollars and the priority role of private property, stimulating the were concluded. development of small business and private enterprise. Experts say that the reforms will advance Uzbekistan to create its new image, and in this context, they urge the world community to pay attention to the breakthrough development observed today in the country. In this regard, they believe: if Uzbekistan succeeds in reforming statehood, the republic can become a “laboratory” of reforms 7 , and its best practices will be studied and applied by other developing countries. According to experts, the intensification of Uzbekistan’s policy in the international arena, some “external players want to see Tashkent as a moderator of their dialogue with Central Asia 8 . It is noted that official Tashkent proceeds exclusively from its own national interests. “Remains on its own. Neither pro-American, nor pro-Turkish, nor pro-Russian - only and exclusively pro-Uzbek”. It is alleged that “in this process, Tashkent is an independent entity that takes into account the interests of all external actors, but focuses primarily on the interests of Uzbekistan”. Thus, a number of large-scale projects have been implemented in Uzbekistan over a short period of time, dozens of programs have been initiated, and favorable conditions are being created for foreign investors. In this context, we can say that the past year and a half have become a kind of “awakening of consciousness” for many Uzbeks, a time of strategic changes for the country as a whole. 6 Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 15.09.2017, №PP-3279 “On measures to create a modern cotton-textile cluster in the Syrdarya region http: //lex.uz/docs/3352681 7 The same source. 8 I.Pankratenko. Who are you with, Tashkent? / www.ng.ru/dipkurer/2018-05-28/11_7233_tashkent.html 29