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mechanism of complaints to take immediate action to them. Since its opening on 24 August, 2018, more than 2 million complaints have been received from the population, out of which 97.2% found their solution. This Work indicates the adherence to implementation of the principle of “the responsibility of state bodies and officials to the public”. In 2018, new forms of communication were introduced into the process of dialogue with people. An updated version of the Virtual Reception Office of the President of Uzbekistan was launched. In particular, such new types of communication as “Online Consultant”, “Frequently Asked Questions”, “Contact Heads of Government Agencies”, “Schedules for Reception of Citizens by Heads of Ministries and Agencies and Referral to them”, “Addresses of People’s Reception” started their activity. An important innovation in the Virtual Reception has become the “Report on the Persecution” module, which created to protect the rights and freedom of applicants. Now, if someone is persecuted for sending a comment statement or complaint, he can quickly report it by pressing a special button. Such messages will be reviewed quickly with the involvement of law enforcement agencies. For citizens in order to express their civic position online, it was created a special web page “My opinion” (meningfikrim.uz). As an advanced mechanism of democracy, a procedure for making a collective electronic appeal has been introduced. Public initiatives that have received support from more than ten thousand citizens of the country are obligatory for consideration by the Parliament. According to experts, effective mechanisms of interaction between government agencies and citizens have appeared in Uzbekistan. This has become the driver of the domestic policy of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Thus, the ongoing domestic policy, as well as the observed changes in the country, indicate a desire to move to a new stage of development of the public administration system. One of the key principles of this model is to establish a new type of interaction between the state and the population, in which the government recognizes serving the people as its main function. Towards a creative model of economic development The analysis shows that if the main trend of 2017 in Uzbekistan was “dialogue with the people”, then in 2018 the focus moved on the transition to the innovative economy. Announcing 2018 as the “Year of support for active entrepreneurship, innovative ideas, and technologies,” the head of state gave a clear signal that in the face of fierce competition in the world, only the presence of high innovative potential is an important condition for the country's economic growth in the 21st century. In this regard, the Ministry of Innovation Development has been created, with specific tasks. In particular, this authority is called upon to play the role of locomotive in the implementation of the most important projects not only in the economic sphere but also in daily life of the whole society. In the Address to the Parliament, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev declared how he understands the active entrepreneurship. According to him, “this is a direction in the economy when business activity is organized on the basis of innovative, modern approaches, advanced technologies, and new management methods. The President stressed out that "the priority task should be the provision of full support to entrepreneurs, in particular, in creating favorable conditions for the importation and introduction of high technologies and the new scientific achievements into production”. This means the “transition to innovative development aimed at a total improvement in all spheres of the life of the state and society” 2 . The active economic agenda initiated by the leadership of the country implies diversification of the economy, restructuring of agriculture and the expansion of foreign economic relations. In order to implement the objectives in this direction, new measures are being taken in Uzbekistan in order to develop a creative economy based on innovative development and accelerating economic growth rates. The basic idea of a creative economy is to create new industries and products (both goods and services) that would ensure not only export growth but also the creation of new high-quality jobs. It is designed to create a favorable investment climate, to promote the growth of share of modern technologies and science in the national economy, the development of the social sphere, the modernization of the education system, etc. 2 The same source. 27