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ISSUES OF INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT UZBEKISTAN: STRATEGIC CHANGES Abror Yusupov Head of Department, the Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Annotation This article analyzes the strategic changes taking place in Uzbekistan. The author describes in detail progressive ideas and historical actions of the government in the field of public policy, creative models of the country's economic development, as well as assessments of foreign experts and reputable international institutions on the positive changes achieved. Progressive ideas and breakthrough actions Today it is noticeable that the updated course of the state policy is “imbued” with progressive ideas and real actions. The development of the country's economy is viewed through the prism of improving the welfare of the people. This becomes one of the key factors in the context of carrying out the large-scale reforms, and this, experts say, enables the leadership of Uzbekistan to minimize risks from structural changes in the economy, avoid recession, ally government agencies and the population in achieving strategic goals and priorities. In the second year of the implementation of the The cornerstone of the successive reforms in Strategy of Actions on the five priority areas of Uzbekistan implemented in all spheres of the life development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017- of society and the state are, above all, ensuring interests of the people, creating decent 2021 it is more clear the desire to create the new image the conditions for a prosperous life of people. of Uzbekistan. There are tendencies on strengthening At the same time, large-scale programs democracy in the country, many initiatives are raised initiated by the leadership of the country take into by the citizens themselves, the decisions are taken account the current situation in the global economy. through a wide public discussion. There are changes in critical thinking of people and their attitude to the reforms, social activity increases, the civic position and awareness of involvement increases in making socially important decisions. As a result, today many citizens of the country offer their innovative ideas put forward relevant proposals on a particular socially significant issue. In this regard, there is a process of institutionalizing the dialogue of the state with the people, including civil society, 1 as well as the implementation of the principle of feedback, the analogy of which can serve as a model to apply in order to improve business sphere. For example, while improving the quality of company's services, it is necessary to receive some feedback from its customers constantly in order to know about the existing problems and solve them in time. This is the most effective way of marketing research in dealing with customer complaints, which ultimately ensures the company's prosperity. The study of citizens' appeals, organization of the socio-political dialogue of the government and society are the same marketing research strategy of a socio-political nature. As a result, today many citizens of the country offer their innovative ideas, initiate relevant proposals on a particular socially significant issues. In this context, the activities of the Virtual Reception Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (pm.gov.uz) deserve special attention. In a short time, it has become one of the main and effective tool for establishing direct dialogue with people, an indicator of effectiveness of government agencies and local authorities, a deep analysis Institutionalization of the state’s dialogue with the people, including civil society, implies horizontal relations based on the implementation of an equal bilateral dialogue interaction between the subjects. 26 1