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UZBEKISTAN IN INTERNATIONAL RATINGS ● Uzbekistan is placed to the second rank among the fastest growing countries in 2017 in the ranking of the World Economic Forum, based on the latest edition of the World Bank's Global Economic Perspectives, ● According to the World Bank, in 2017 Uzbekistan entered the top ten countries that significantly eased business conditions. ● According to the Doing Business 2018: Reforming for the Creation of Jobs report, Uzbekistan ranked 74th among 190 countries, improving its rating by 13 positions than 2017. Uzbekistan has also entered the top ten reformers to create the most favorable conditions for doing business. ● The scale and effectiveness of measures taken in order to create a favorable business environment is confirmed by a significant improvement in 6 out of 10 indicators of the World Bank Doing Business 2018 report. ● In the last Financial Times ranking, Uzbekistan ranked second place in terms of improving the business climate - this indicator improved by 23.59 points against the background of a total 63.03. The Financial Times considers Uzbekistan one of the leaders in the field of improving the business climate in 2017 in the post-Soviet space. ● In the Financial Times ranking of 2017, Uzbekistan was in 2 nd place in the list of hot destinations for tourism. This ranking was based on a survey of tourism industry leaders, including owners and managers of Wild Frontiers, KE Adventure Travel, Discover the World, Ampersand Travel, Oetker Collection, Red Savannah and Cazenove and Loyd. ● According to the UN's e-government rating, Uzbekistan has the largest growth. In the new rating of the “electronic government” of the UN, Uzbekistan entered the top ten countries of the world, which most noticeably improved their “electronic government” systems, and rose immediately to 20 points. ● According to the rating of the Italian newspaper ilSole24ore, Uzbekistan became the most attractive country for travelers from the Eurozone. Rating called “Affordable vacation? Seven places where the euro still has weight” compiled by experts of the newspaper and the international company LG. ● According to the rating of countries of the world in terms of living standards, in 2017 Uzbekistan was ranked 74th among 142 countries of the world. ● According to the survey of the American company Gallup International, the citizens of Uzbekistan feel most protected compared to other CIS countries. In the Index of Law and Order, the rating of Uzbekistan indicated 95 points. That is, according to this indicator, the country became the first in the CIS and the second in the world. ● According to surveys of the American company Gallup “World law and order index”, Uzbekistan is on the 2nd place in the world in the rating of safe countries. This survey was conducted among more than 136 thousand residents of 135 countries to determine the level of crime in the areas of residence and the reliability of local law enforcement. ● According to the annual Global Firepower rating, the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan in 2017 occupied the 48th line in the world ranking, remaining the most powerful army in Central Asia. Among the CIS countries, Uzbekistan is second only to Russia (2nd position) and Ukraine (30th row). 25