Мой первый журнал ISRS-Journal-АНГЛ - Page 13

Based on the goals and objectives of our reforms, I think the time has come to radically reconsider the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers in order to turn it into a truly supreme body of executive power. I would like to note that in no country deep socio-economic reforms were carried out easily and quickly. It should also be openly said that reforms are not to the liking of some officials, accustomed to think and work in the old way. After all, changes, updates, you see, disturb their peace and measured existence. However, reforms are a requirement of life itself and cannot be stopped. This truth must be deeply grasped by the leaders of all levels. Dear participants of the meeting! It is known that the organization of control over the implementation of laws is among the constitutional powers of the Chairman of the Senate and the Speaker of Legislative chamber. But, unfortunately, we do not see drastic changes in the activities of Parliament in this direction. This year the Senate sent only 2 parliamentary requests to the state authorities and officials, and the Legislative chamber-3. We consider it as an achievement that reports of the leadership of central authorities and regions are heard at the parliamentary meetings. But the question arises: if the leaders reported at the Parliamentary hearings, what decisions has the Parliament made and sent for execution based on the results of the hearings? Have measures been taken with regard to Ministers or Khokims (Mayors) whose activities are considered unsatisfactory? Where, finally, is a clear position of the people’s representatives? For example, what senator or deputy sent a request to the leadership of the Ministry of Finance or the State Tax Service (State Tax Committee), inquired about the state of implementation of the Concept of improving tax policy? The main drawback – the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) has not become the arena of debate on topical issues of the country’s development. In this regard, I consider it appropriate that the houses of the Oliy Majlis shall not be limited to reviewing the implementation of laws and hearing reports from leaders, but also should put into practice a systematic study of the state of affairs with direct field visits and the development of appropriate proposals. In their turn, citizens should also feel their involvement in the ongoing reforms. Only in this way we will achieve our goals and accomplish the tasks we set ourselves. In this process, the role of strong and effective public scrutiny is extremely important. Therefore, we decided to create a «Public Opinion» portal next year. We all well understand that in the implementation of public control mass media play an important role. I constantly monitor their activities. Unfortunately, in newspapers, on television and radio, critical articles and programs about the essence of reforms, problems related to the execution of adopted laws and decisions, investigations on appeals of citizens – very rare phenomenon. And yet, mass media are called upon to become real advocates of the interests of the people in the process of transformation. To do this, they must have determination and professional skills, objectivity and the ability to deep analysis. In order to increase the effectiveness of the ongoing radical reforms, we need to implement the following tasks. First, the parliamentary requests of the houses of the Oliy Majlis and the parliamentary hearings should be turned into a powerful means of ensuring the implementation of laws and decisions, the effectiveness of reforms. 15