Мой первый журнал ISRS-Journal-АНГЛ - Page 12

Having done everything possible to realize the talents and potential of our children from an early age, making every effort for their harmonious development, we will nurture many more such great figures as Beruni, Ibn Sino, Ulughbek. I am completely sure of this. Fourth, in many cases, professional colleges unfortunately have become institutions for the issuance of diplomas in unclaimed professions. During trips to the regions of the country, I try to talk with people as much as possible. You will be surprised, but there are not enough qualified tractor operators, machine operators in the field. It is difficult to find a land surveyor or a water conductor who knows his business. College graduates are often have to be re-trained to the right professions. So where is the vocational training? Why the labor market has not being reviewed? Unfortunately, no one has seriously asked themselves these questions yet. The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education along with the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relationsshould undertake the measures to anticipate the demands of the real sector of the economy in personnel for at least 10–15 years ahead and arrange their training accordingly. Fifth, we need to undertake urgent measures to ensure employment and reduce unemployment. However, the question arose: what is the real number of unemployed in our country? What is the percentage of the population engaged in the informal sector? How many of our compatriots went abroad in search of employment? We need to understand that one unemployed causes ten problems. If you try to assess the potential damage to the family, community, and society, you will see how thorny this issue is. Substantive work has been done in the framework of this year programs «Every family is an entrepreneur» and «Youth is our future». The population, especially young people, are provided with greater benefits in order to support their initiatives and business startups. We will further extend them comprehensive assistance next year and will take under strict control the implementation of these programs. We will be able to solve not only economic, but also many social problems if we develop business activities and initiative of our youth, teach them to manage financial resources Sixth, we have to enhance the work on the construction of affordable houses on updated model projects in rural areas and apartment houses in cities. Virtual reception receives a lot of appeals and complaints from remote regions of the country about the quality of these houses. Taking into account the requests and wishes of citizens, we recently adopted a program providing measures to scale up and improve the quality of housing construction for socially vulnerable groups of the population. The heads of departments responsible for the implementation of this program must conscientiously consider the execution of the tasks assigned to them. Dear compatriots! Over the past two years, 90 laws and over 2,000 decrees and resolutions have been adopted, aimed at the realization of constitutional rights and freedoms, improvement of the living conditions of our citizens, solution of the problems accumulated over many years. It should be noted that 20 percent of more than 13 thousand tasks defined in the adopted acts of the legislation were not fulfilled in a timely manner. This indicates that the Cabinet of Ministers and heads of a number of state and economical departments, as well as local hokimiyats, are irresponsible in this matter. We must drastically reduce the number of unnecessary meetings in the Centre and local authorities, from which people are already tired, and to do more practical work to achieve concrete results. 14