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On the basis of this Concept, important changes are being made in the tax policy of the state. Instead of the maximum income tax rate that was still in force and stood at 22.5 percent, the personal income tax rate was introduced at 12 percent, and 8 percent insurance deductions were abolished. The high single social payment rate has been reduced from 25 percent to 12 percent. Mandatory deductions in the amount of 3.2 percent to the Extra-budgetary pension fund, trust road and educational funds were abolished. The rates of customs payments were revised and the size of duties was reduced for almost 3,500 types of goods, the excise tax rate on goods was reduced for about 800 items. Raw materials, equipment and equipment not produced in Uzbekistan and imported for the organization of production will not be subject to state duties. Scheduled inspections of financial and economic activities of business entities have been cancelled. The requirements for obtaining 138 types of licenses and permits have been simplified, 42 of them have been completely abolished. In order to eliminate obstacles and barriers, manifestations of corruption in the allocation of land plots for business, a procedure has been introduced to acquire them through an electronic auction. There is a strict ban on the seizure of land for state and public use, demolition of real estate until the owner is compensated for the damage. The procedure for a full compensation of damage caused to the property of investors and entrepreneurs has been guaranteed. It also provides for the exemption of entrepreneurs from the payment of income tax and the single tax payment for the export of products, works and services starting from next year. Targeted work continues to accelerate the development of tourism, further improve the quality of services, effectively utilize the tourist potential of the regions and create jobs, form new national tourism products. Next year we will continue to work to reduce the level of inflation, comprehensively support active entrepreneurship, and create wide opportunities for investors. Dear friends! As you are aware, this year the population of our country exceeded 33 million people. Certainly, this is a considerable figure. We must guarantee the realization of the social rights of our citizens, in particular, decent living conditions, education and vocational training of young people, their employment and housing. The Constitution of the country enshrines the right of every person to qualified medical care. The practical implementation of this important provision is a guarantee for the preservation of the gene pool of the nation, development of the state and society. As a result of broad, comprehensive reforms, life expectancy in the country increased from 67 years in 1990 to 74 years in 2017. Child mortality has decreased by 3 times. We must strive to further improve these indicators. Our country is adopting important practical programs aimed at improving the health of the population. So, just the other day, according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Concept of development of the health care system was adopted for 2019- 2025. In accordance with the requirements of the time, much is being done for the development of private medical institutions. In 2018 alone, over 400 of them were established in the republic. As they say, a child is raised from the birth. Therefore, we began to reform the sphere of education and upbringing from the very first level – preschool education. 12