Équipements récréatifs Catalogue Woodville - Page 12

This is Woodville In contrast to typical wooden playground units, Woodville distinguishes itself through its individual design and durability. That is especially achieved through the use of high-quality materials and their high-grade finish. The roof The HDPE tent-roof made from weather boarding provides a realistic looking shed character. In addition, it construc- tively protects the wooden components that are located under the roof from weather effects. The roof is available in all the colours of our HDPE-colour palette. Robinia wood Wood convinces through its warm surface feel, the natural character and its pleasant scent. All wooden posts and boards are made from robinia. The materials are most suitable relating to sustainability and durability for a wooden playground unit manufac- tured in central Europe. The Terranos clamp The Terranos clamp made from aluminium guarantees a long-lasting and secure fastening of other play elements of Berliner Seilfabrik and the possibility to adjust the heights. The windows The crooked windows present a real eye-catcher. Oversized openings framed in white are a striking property of the shacks. At the same time, the large windows provide a high level of transparency. The balls The system balls made from aluminium are a tried and tested connection element of Berliner. The s ѕ)́ɔѡ́ѱ䁍ѕѼѡݽ)̸QՍѥɕٕ́ѡɕЁх)ѡݽݥѠѡɽչѡɕɽѕ́)ɽɽЁՔѼѥɔɄЁ͡)ѡɕɔЁ)Q)QѽЁѡЁ́ѕ́хɐѥݼ)ͽٕеɕᥑѕȁѥ́Q́́ѡѕɕͥх)ЁɽͥՔѼѡ՝͕ѥمI0̰)٥Յѽȁͥɕ́ձQѕ́ȁ᥵մչ)ձɥ䃊Lݡѡȁɥ́ȁ̃Ĺٕ͔ȁѡȁɽՍ́) ɱȁͥ䁉ѕѼѡQɅ́ѕ̸() ɱȁ]٥